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Signal Jammer Frequenies for Poland

Signal Jammer Frequenies for Poland

Poland is a member of European Union  and most of the   huge European mobile carriers work there too. Mobile  communication   protocols are also the same as in other European  countries. Mobile   phones use GSM 900/1800 standard with 900 and 1800  MHz frequencies. That   is why if you have an American phone — it won't  work there. USA uses   GSM 850/1900 standard with 850/1900 MHz  frequency.


There are two options for mobile  phone users in Poland.   You can have prepaid or post-paid account.  Prepaid account is a useful   solutions for those, who doesn't want to  sign a contract with a mobile   carrier or for people, that do not need a  mobile phone for long calls,   but just to stay in touch. All that  you'll need to use that option is a   GSM 900/1800 cell phone and a SIM  card, which can be found in special   shops. Than just activate your SIM  card with a call. The most convenient   thing with that option is that  fact that foreigners are not obliged to   show any papers and it is the  only option available for tourists.


The main benefit of the post-paid  option is the fact   that you'll never find yourself in a situation when  you don't have   enough money on your account to make a call. But there  are a couple of   disadvantages, as well. First of all you will have to  sign at least 12   month contract and you will have to pay your bills  monthly. Also,   foreigners will have to pass through a rather  complicated procedure to   sign a contract – one will have to provide  your visa, credit card, job   permissions and other papers. Also, if you  are a tourist – you may have   only a prepaid account.


The major mobile carriers in Poland  are T-Mobile, Orange   Polska, Play and Plus. They cover almost 100% of  the country and we can   guarantee that you won't face any reception  problems in Poland. Also,   you should remember that mobile carriers  often provide discounts for   calls inside their own network, so if you  have friends there – it would   be wiser to use the same carrier they  do.


Now a couple of words on mobile  Internet. First of all   3G is rather cheap in Poland. It uses the same  2100 MHz frequency, as in   USA. There are two options for mobile  Internet users, they are the same   as for mobile phones. 4G networks  are also growing in Poland. 4G can be   found in major cities, such as  Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and others.   They run LTE standard, which has  725 MHz frequency.


Also, Wi-Fi networks are popular in  Poland. Wi-Fi   hotspots can be found almost everywhere, in cafes,  cinemas, parks. Those   public hotspots are totally free, except those  installed in restaurants   and cafes, they may charge you a small fee  (about 0,5 Euro/hour). But   you should be really careful, as long as  Wi-Fi networks are rather   vulnerable, public hotspots may be used to  steal your personal data.   Sometimes, evildoers can even create their  own Wi-Fi networks to steal   users' traffic.


Well, those are the most common  mobile communications   and Internet standards in Poland. If you are  planning your journey to   Poland – keep in mind that your ordinary cell  phone won;t work there,   get a GSM 900/1800 MHz device!