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Signal Jammer Frequenies for Netherlands

Signal Jammer Frequenies for Netherlands

Netherlands use three cellular   frequency bands as their main ones: GSM900, GSM1800 (DCS) and UMTS. The   first two are used by major mobile phone providers of the Netherlands   as the primary frequency bands for Netherland citizens to make calls,   send text messages, etc. The UMTS frequency band is used to perform 3G   services across the country. To provide 4G broadband mobile network   services to their customers, all three major Netherlands mobile service   providers have purchased licenses in 2600MHz band in 2010, so   Netherlands 4G connections use this band nowadays. And now let’s look at   three main Netherlands mobile communication service providers.




KPN is a huge telecommunication company of Netherlands. They own the   biggest mobile network operator of the Netherlands – KPN Mobile, and few   other brands like Telfort which also provide mobile communication   services. Among them are also mobile virtual network operators Simyo,   Hi, Ay Yildiz and Ortel Mobile.


KPN uses GSM900 and GSM1800 (DCS) frequency bands to provide mobile   phone communications. They also provide wireless internet access through   their companies XS4ALL, KPN Internet and Telfort, providing Wi-Fi   access to the people of Netherlands.


T-Mobile Netherlands


Sometimes shortened to T-Mobile NL, it is a second largest mobile   communication provider of the Netherlands. This company uses GSM1800 as   their main frequency band for communications. In 2010 T-Mobile   Netherlands had some problems with 3G capacity, but after investing in   the network modernization they have managed to deal with this problem.  So now they provide 3G services using 2100MHz band, though they cannot   overcome KPN in terms of customers due to the capacity lack.

Vodafone Netherlands


This company is the third one among major Netherlands mobile   communication operators. It was previously known as Libertel. Vodafone   Netherlands uses GSM900 and GSM1800 frequency bands to provide mobile   phone services. In addition they provide their customers with such   connections as GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA and HSPA+. The last two are   technologies used in 3G communications to increase their upload and   download speed to higher amounts. All 3G services provided by Vodafone   Netherlands use 2100MHz band in their work. This company is also the   first mobile service operator that launched UMTS network in Netherlands.




Netherlands have three main mobile phone operators and other   communication service providers – KPN, T-Mobile Netherlands and Vodafone   Netherlands. They use GSM900 and GSM1800 frequency bands to provide   mobile phone communications to their subscribers and 2100MHz band as the   main frequency range for 3G services. There also advanced wireless   internet access across the country with Wi-Fi and UMTS networks and such   technologies like HSDPA and HSPA+.


Netherlands have also 4G network within 2600MHz band, provided by all   three main wireless communication companies of the country. Despite   there are many smaller mobile communication brands in Netherlands, they   are owned by one or another among the three primary ones. GSM1800   frequency band, used in Netherlands, is also called DCS, or Digital   Cellular Service, though it is a European name for that frequency range,   because in Hong Kong it is called PCS, while in USA PCS is the name of   GSM1900 band.